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For centuries, spa body therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and therapeutic effects. From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalize your skin.

Through the various benefits of heat and the undeniable power of touch, you’ll experience a results-oriented body treatment like never before. Dermalogica Thermal Body Therapy Treatment is customized for your skin condition, designed to target your skin’s most pressing concerns while delivering an amazing sensory experience.

Body Foliation Therapy - $65.00
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
Give your body the customized exfoliation it needs, coupled with the warming sensation it craves! A gentle Oatmeal and Rice Bran powder activates to create a gentle yet effective exfoliant that whisks away dead skin cells, brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Skin is smoother and prepped for maximum absorption of rich, smoothing botanical oils. You will leave Body Foliation Therapy with silky, healthier skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy - $70.00
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
Completely customized to either energize or reduce stress, this Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy polishes skin to a soft glow while providing hydration and nourishment skin needs. Mineral Sea Salts and Seaweed exfoliate while skin-smoothing enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells naturally for a smooth finish. Natural oils and extracts help stimulate the senses while cleansing and conditioning, and the added benefit of warmth helps invigorate the mind and body and soothe the spirit. Recommended for all skin conditions, except sensitive or sensitized skin.

Mud Massage Therapy - $75.00 Stand Alone Service | $45.00 Add-On Service
Treatment Time: 20 minutes
A unique and exotic treatment that combines the detoxifying and cleansing capabilities of earth clays with the intensely moisturizing power of natural oils. Olive and Grape Seed oils protect, smooth and condition while fortifying skin with antioxidants, and a unique blend of Asian herbs stimulate circulation. Your skin is left smooth and soothed. This treatment can also be used as part of a full hour massage for extra skin benefits.

Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy - $150.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Stimulate circulation while smoothing skin with this body wrap therapy that promotes skin nourishment. Natural earth clays draw out impurities while Ginger and White Tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin. Customized essential oils provide aromatherapeutic and skin benefits while Caffeine provides all-over toning. Rest in a warming wrap that induces blood circulation all while encouraging absorption of nourishing botanicals. Recommended for all skin conditions.

Power Recovery Therapy - $150.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
An intense body wrap therapy dedicated to feeding your skin with the nourishment it craves. A unique blend of wheat protein and honey as maximum hydrators while wasabi, ginger, and white tea stimulate blood circulation to promote healthier skin. Customized essential oil blends in a massage medium offer aromatherapeutic benefits, while rich Kukui Nut, Olive, and Grape Seed oils smooth and provide antioxidant protection. Recommended for drier, dehydrated, sensitized or prematurely aging skin conditions.

Try our seaweed body wraps for improved skin elasticity and reduction of cellulite.
A seaweed wrap is typically made by combining seaweed with hot water and sometimes essential oils, clay and other skin-loving ingredients. The thick paste is applied and spread over the entire body. Your body is then cocooned wrapped while the ingredients are absorbed by the skin.

Here are some wonderful benefits of receiving a seaweed body wrap:

Detoxifies the body: It helps to eliminate toxins from the body; as it is applied to the body warm, it helps encourage you to sweat. During this process, your body eliminates impurities. These are brought to the surface of the skin and rinsed away when the wrap is washed off.

Removes dead skin and moisturizes: Dead skin is something no one wants lingering around, it makes your skin look dull and stops your body from absorbing moisture. While you sweat during a seaweed wrap, not only are the toxins removed from the body, but the dead skin is loosened as well. The seaweed itself is filled with plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and lipids that easily soak into the skin to add moisture.

Improves skin elasticity and regeneration: Over time, your skin loses the ability to stretch and return to normal — that’s aging for you. This leads to stretch marks and wrinkles, but seaweed contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A, all of which can help to rebuild the elasticity of the skin. It also makes your skin more supple by increasing blood flow to the surface, regenerates damaged skin cells, produces collagen to firm and tone the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduces cellulite and helps tone the skin: Seaweed can help aid the shaping of skin so it’s smoother and tighter by direct diffusion of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, if cellulite is a problem, a seaweed wrap may help to reduce the undesirable marks left on the skin.

Seaweed Gel Body Wrap – $125.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Our Seaweed Gel Body Wrap gel has sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift the spirits. This special combination of ingredients gives a pleasant scent and provides excellent results. This body wrap begins with dry skin brushing and includes a relaxing scalp massage.

Seaweed Powder Body Wrap – $125.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes

Our Seaweed Powder Body Wrap is a full-body seaweed mask. This professional formulation combines the detoxifying properties of sea algae with the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of clay, ancient sea salts, brewer's yeast, and spirulina to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. Our Seaweed Powder Body Wrap is ideal as a cellulite treatment or weight-loss program. This body wrap begins with dry skin brushing and includes a relaxing scalp massage.

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