Promoting Optimal Skin Health

Posh Skin Bar Facial Treatments

Receiving regular professional facial treatments is just one of the steps to not only achieving but also maintaining optimal skin health. The Posh Essential Facial, as well as the Posh Signature Facial, are designed to manage our client’s skin type and treat their skin condition(s). We realize that everyone’s skin is different; however, whether the skin is dry, oily, combination, sensitive/sensitized or normal, our certified Dermalogica® Expert skin therapists utilize professional facial treatment protocols and products that cater to each individuals skin's particular needs.  We thoroughly deep cleanse the skin, resurface the skin, which increases cell turnover rate and slows down the aging process, and perform extractions removing blackheads and/or whiteheads that clog pores. Our professional facial treatments are focused on results, not pampering; however, we do incorporate your choice of either a relaxing upper body massage or a soothing essential oil scalp massage. 

You will leave Posh Skin Bar with glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin after your very first session!

Posh Essential Facial - $90.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
This customized treatment for the face, neck and décolleté is designed to meet your specific skincare needs. It begins with a soothing lavender hot towel cleansing of the hands and feet, followed by deep breath inhalations of calming essentials oil. The Posh Essential Facial includes a thorough skin analysis, ultrasonic cleansing, professional exfoliation, extractions (if needed), masking, toning, moisturizing and SPF. It also includes a relaxing facial massage and your choice of either a soothing essential oil scalp massage or hand and arm massage.  Add microdermabrasion for an additional $30.00.

The Posh Essential Skin Treatment also serves as a building block for more advanced skin treatments and enhancements.

Facial Treatments

Posh Signature Facial - $150.00
Treatment Time: 90 minutes
The Posh Signature Facial is exactly the same as the Posh Essential Skin Treatment, but also includes a rejuvenating and relaxing upper body massage, a soothing essential oil scalp massage, a skin polishing pink grapefruit sugar scrub for the hands, followed by a decadent Raspberry-Grapefruit Eco-Fin™ eco-friendly paraffin alternative treatment on the hands. Add microdermabrasion for an additional $30.00.